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In addition to creating beautiful jewellery, sustainability is also one of our main focuses. Here you can read the steps we have takes to ensure sustainability.

Most of our jewellery is 'made to order'. This means that the jewellery is made after you have made your order. This ensures that we never end up with a surplus of jewellery, because we never make more than we need. This is also great as we can always spend our materials where it is most needed.

We do everything we can to make all steps of the process as sustainable as possible. Our packaging is no exception. Most of our items are packaged in recycled paper. Usually old magasines that we have collected from people who no longer use them. This makes for fun packaging, as no package is excactly the same! Right now we have a bunch of gardening magasines that we use to wrap our jewellery. Maybe you'll get some gardening tips along with your order? We also have some jewellery boxes that we use to package earrings. These boxes are eco friendly, and made with FSC®certified cardboard.

When packaging your order, we might need some ekstra padding for protection. We create this ourselves, by shredding old magasines and books that are no longer used.

Our shipment boxes are made of FSC®certified cardboard. Sometimes our jewellery is shipped out in padded envelopes. These envelopes are made of at least 60% recycled material and also contain FSC® Paper. The envelopes are also recycleable. It is super easy to remove the bubble wrap from the paper parts of the envelope, so you can throw away the envelope responsibly.

*FSC®certified products: The FSC®mark guarantees that all materials come from an FSC®forest, where no more wood is cut down than the forest can reproduce. This means better protection of the animal- and plant life, and all foresters have proper training, safety equipment and a decent wage.

We use a huge variety of materials to create our jewellery. To make our pieces last longer, we use 925 sterling silver. Sterling silver is a great quality material, which can last you a lifetime. We have chosen this material, so you can enjoy your jewellery for a long time.

When it comes to our selection of beads, we stay clear of plastic (The only exception to this is our redesigned jewellery). We love to use natural materials that last a long time, like glass beads, semi-precious gemstones, crystals, and shell beads to name a few.

When buying our materials, whether it be packaging materials or beads, we try to get it straight from the source and as close to Norway as possible. That is why we get our materials straight from the manufacturer instead of a distributor. This ensures that the materials have had the most direct route to us, instead of being shipped from one country to the next before reaching us.

Norway is a small country, and very few materials are produced here. Since it is difficult to source our materials locally, we try to find them as close to norway as possible. Almost all materials today come from sources in Europe.

Occationally we released redesigned jewellery. We have called this collection "Redemption" as we have gived old jewellery the opportunity to get a new beginning.

But what is redesigned jewellery you may ask? Redesigned jewellery are pieces that we have created using a combination of beads salvaged from vintage jewellery, and new beads. This creates a modern and unique look, which is *literally* one of a kind. All our redesigned jewellery are different, so no pieces are alike. In most cases we only have one of each bead, so we couldn't make two identical pieces even if we wanted to.

Redesigned jewellery is a great contribution to sustainability, as it requires fewer 'new' materials. Just like you can redesign secondhand clothes to give them a new life, we redesign jewellery.

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