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Theres nothing worse than jewellery that tarnished overnight.. And I know the struggle (trust me). Our Jewellery is made with a lot of love and care, so your jewellery will last a long time. Thats why we use 925 sterling silver for our jewellery. However even the best materials need some care from time to time. So to help you take care of your jewellery, we have written down some easy tips for jewellery care.

Safe Storage

Jewellery (like many other things) needs proper storage. The best way to store jewellery is in a dry clean place, like a jewellery box or fabric lined case. Remember to keep your jewellery out of direct sunlight. The steps mentioned above will keep your jewellery dust-free and protect from tarnishing. The packaging that comes with your jewellery is a great 'in-between' storage, if you do not have a jewellery box yet. However it should only be used as temporary storage.

Limit exposure to chemicals

I always get excited about jewellery. This, combined with my impatience, makes it hard to wait for my perfume or lotion to dry before putting on my jewellery. Exposing your jewellery to soaps, lotions or perfumes over a prolonged period of time can cause tarnishing. This also includes other products, like deodorants, fake-tans or handsanitizer. I reccomend waiting a few minutes after applying products, before putting on your jewellery. And remember to remove your jewellery when reapplying products throughout the day.

Remove regularly

To keep your jewellery looking their best, remove your jewellery before showering, excersising or sanitising your hands. However you can take a deep breath, your jewellery will not tarnish or fade overnight. If I am allowed to confess something, I also forget to remove my jewellery from time to time.. But I try to take my jewellery off whenever i remember. And if you were wondering, my jewellery is still beautiful (even with occational slip-ups).

Polish once in a while

Your should clean your jewellery once every few months. This may seem complicated, but it is really easy! Just use a micrfiber cloth or a specialist jewellery cleaning cloth and gently go over the surface of your jewellery. This will remove any residue that builds up over time, and make your jewellery sparkle! Do NOT use any chemicals when cleaning gold-plated pieces. However, you can use warm soapy water when cleaning your silver pieces that are not gold-plated.